Academic Support Services 学术支援服务

SWiKen understands the power and importance of academic excellence, that we are committed to helping students to reach their maximum potential and guiding through every step of the journey to higher education. We offer truly one-stop academic support services, from admission guidance to enhancement courses.
SWiKen 明白学术成就的影响力及重要性,我们致力協助学生发挥他们的最大潜能,并为他们高等教育旅程的每一步保驾护航。我们提供真正一站式的学术支援服务,覆盖从升学指导到增润课程等全方位的支援。


Our services are built on the quality and integrity of our people with close connections with various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and Macau. We offer expert advice that puts the growth and future of our students as the prime focus, striving to become one of the most trusted academic advisors in the region.



  1. Admissions Consulting 升学咨询
  2. Internship and Employment Support 实习及就业支援
  3. Research Support 项目研究支援

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